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Lifestyle ad photography: from concept to completion


I’ve been photographing concept ads for Zimmans for a half dozen years now.  The advertisements combine the store’s rarified fabrics and furniture (think ABC Carpet in NYC) with raw urban landscapes.  Zimman’s has been in the same family for 4 generations and all our ads have featured owner Michael Zimman.

The ads continue to be designed by art director and stylist Martha Sutyak, who has an unusual proclivity for making you believe in an ad concept which upon first appearance has you scratching your head.  Martha explains: “my thinking was that we should ‘take to the streets’ and show how Zimman’s has been a vital part of the Lynn community for generations. The store associates have been taking their cars to this place for years! By posing Michael in a car loaded with merchandise for a home delivery we show 1) great and intriguing merchandise 2) an unexpected visual image showing the rough and the refined in concert.”

Ad concept layout for "Full Service" print advertisement

Location scouting:  Lynn, MA location scouting for David Shopper lifestyle photography print ad

Here’s the initial “Mad Skilz Photoshop” ad comp, using an image of Mike from a previous ad polishing a car’s windshield:

Print ad mock up

All shoots have their challenges.  Besides a colorful Lynne location, variable clouds that made it tough to predict lighting conditions, blustery winds that threatened to knock over lights and balanced fabric and chairs, and a questionable soundtrack (as captured in the video below), we persevered and got a great image for the ad.

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