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The best corporate portraits in Boston and NYC might not be as formal as you’d think.


If a company can be seen as the sum of its parts, what parts are more important than its employees?  All too often, formal head-and-shoulders corporate portraits can make employees look too conservative or regimented.

I have been working with Windham Capital Management for many years to brand their executives in a professional yet accessible and personable way.  Instead of shooting a corporate portrait with a canvas backdrop and strobe lights, we take advantage of the great natural light that floods their John Hancock Building conference room.  No blinding flashes.  No manufactured look.  Just authentic images of staff happy where they are.

My client described working with me this way:

We rehired David to take additional headshots of our newer staff.  At every point he was generous with his time and insight and he was able to turn around the product to us very quickly without any compromise of quality.  David is a pleasure to work with and highly recommended for his eye and talent.  -Sanaz Rafailzadeh, Windham Capital Management