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Is the Best NYC Meeting Photographer a Boston Portrait Photographer?

When you have high-powered executives flying in to New York City from London for a single meeting, and that meeting needs to be leveraged for your annual report and website, you call the best NYC photographer, right?  Well, you could, or you could call the Boston photographer who specializes in creating authentic candid imagery.

A client recommended me to Earthport Payment Network (based in the UK) as the photographer to capture this slice of corporate life.  Earthport wanted honest and natural candid moments from their meeting at the Penn Club, so we flew in to shoot it.

Natural light was the obvious way to go here, as strobes would have given a manufactured feel and would be distracting to the group.  We positioned the meeting table in front of some large windows (in Manhattan you get a problem that you don’t usually find in Boston – there are so many large buildings so close that even large windows have diminished sunlight).

Nevertheless, any time you get genuinely engaged people in a room where they feel comfortable and trust you as one of the team, the results will be convincing and dynamic.