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Best Portrait Photographers in Boston 2021 has again named David Shopper Photography one of Boston

Thank you to Expertise for again choosing me as one of the best portrait photographers in Boston.

How do they choose? started with 221 Boston portrait photographers and picked the top 10% for this distinction.  They based their choice on 5 qualities: availability, qualifications, reputation, experience, and professionalism.  All attributes I hold dear.

But wait: if there are 220 local portrait photographers now, imagine how many have come and gone over the years since I opened my studio in the ’80s.  Literally thousands.  How do you stay successful over that amount of time?  Offer the whole package.

Plus, you have to listen.  I try to really understand what my clients want to say with their images.  What the win looks like.  And I try to communicate clearly how I will present their message, both before and during our shoots.  No one likes surprises.  I offer consistency and predictability.