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Short action film (not short on action though)

DojoBTLI’ve always had a special place in my heart for film.  And by film I mean cinema, not TMax.  Before I was a “professional” photographer, I considered going to NYU film school to train as a Director of Photography.  Instead, I chose the path of still photography (obviously, another passion of mine) and have not regretted the decision.  Now, with HD video and the web’s ease of streaming, our whole industry has changed: you can’t just produce Boston Corporate Photographs, you need to produce Boston Corporate Videos.

As long as we’re speaking of passion, there’s martial arts, which I’ve been studying and teaching for over a decade.  So, hey, what could be a better choice for a first film than a promotional film for my dojo?

Behind The Lens blog: the making of short film "Welcome to our Dojo".This very short film was shot for raw visceral impact rather than my usual polished style.  I suppose it’s more of a personal piece.  I wanted to present not only the power of the discipline, but the discipline behind the power.

For the dojo’s new web site, I also shot portraits of our staff, with rollover tough-guy faces:

Staff portraits that support the short film directed by David Shopper.