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Business Stock Photography (with panache).

It’s a lot harder shooting for yourself than for a client.

I’m often hired to visually brand a company, where I collaborate with the art directors or designers.  We articulate how we want their company to be seen – what the images say.  This could be “We are established and rock solid” or “We are cutting edge and think outside the box.”  The client is usually at the shoot and there is a creative give-and-take that ensures the images illustrate the brand message.

Not so if you’re your own client.  When I shoot a test or for stock, I push myself until I fail – I try techniques that may not work, but make me a better photographer.  This is the incubator where I develop new ways to approach an old subject.

So here are the results of a recent corporate business stock shoot.  We shot in the boardroom of a client with offices at the John Hancock. We built the shoot from the ground up, choosing the location, models, make-up, styling – everything but the stormy weather (kind of the Challenge Round for natural light photography).

An exhausting day, but a productive one.

As stock, these images are available through my studio and through Corbis in New York.