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Cohesive Branding Corporate Portraiture of Execs, CEOs, etc.: going beyond the guy-in-tie.

CEO Portraits photographed in Boston and NYC

The word “branding” is bandied about a lot, but at its most basic, it puts its stamp on all the parts that make up a whole.

The Mortar Agency (San Francisco) and I have worked to brand Bain Venture Capital, so when Mortar was asked by Leerink Partners (Boston and NYC) to create a new website, they brought me in for the team bio and the banner photography.

Our goal was not only to put a cohesive and polished face on the company, but to capture the executive’s and CEO’s personality.  You might think that shooting CEO portraits would be intimidating, but it doesn’t really faze me (my first CEO portrait was for the Grossman’s annual report in the ’80s; I was told I’d have 1 minute of the CEO’s time, and he left after 15 seconds — but I got the shot. A great intro to the process, as everything after that has seemed easy).  So back to Leerink: to reveal the real person behind the formal face, clicking on an exec’s portrait reveals a relaxed and engaged image.