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What does tomorrow’s CEO look like?

Who are these men?

This is my third year photographing the new searchers for Boston’s Search Fund Accelerator.  SFA is an innovative venture: it mentors and funds a handpicked group of young entrepreneurs in their quest to find a company to acquire, manage, and grow. It’s an amazing and rare opportunity.  The target company is usually family-owned and looking for an exit strategy.

Our portraits, then, are taken with the intent to portray these young men as professional, trustworthy, and approachable.  The message is: “I’ll take good care of your company”.

The SFA Brand

With this photography, we present the searchers as a team, branded in the SFA visual traditions we’ve already established (see previous SFA post).

Energy source

The searchers come from amazing backgrounds.  They’re Marine geospatial intelligence officers, rig drilling experts, investment bankers, world travelers, and company founders.  It’s like sharing the room with a huge ball of potential energy.

It’s no accident these portraits came out as successfully as they did.  To a man, the searchers were modest, earnest, and optimistic.   Maybe that’s what makes a good CEO.  It certainly made for a good photograph.