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Bringing Home the Gold -Cognex Annual Report Wins Big (again!)

Another year of shooting the Cognex annual report.  Another year of recognition.

As readers of this blog know, we’ve been shooting the Cognex annual for over a decade now.  We’ve gone to California to parody the Martha Stewart Magazine and have recreated the Springsteen “Born to Run” album (below… and don’t forget last year’s Back to the Future annual report).  Never a dull moment with these gentlemen.

This year, the annual took the form of a Bon Appétit parody.  Our fearless leaders, Dr. Bob Shillman and Rob Willett, led us on a culinary tour of their tech company.

As with pretty much all of our previous annuals, this one garnered high praise in international creative competitions.  Here are the MerComm Inc. International ARC Awards results for our annual report in its division:

  • Gold Award for design/graphics
  • Gold Award for cover photography and design

and here are the results for the League of American Communications Professionals (LACP) Awards in our industry:

  • Gold Award worldwide
  • Top 100 Annual Reports worldwide (ranked #67)
  • Most Creative Report in the Americas region
  • Top 40 Annual Reports in the Americas region (ranked #24)

Kudos to the Cognex team and Point One Design.