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Portraits for a Boston CPA firm.


I just finished a portrait shoot for Katz Nannis + Solomon, an established CPA firm in Waltham, MA.

My challenge was to unchain them from the bonds of gray-backgrounded postage stamp headshots.  They wanted a modern, dynamic, and approachable look.

Stylistically, I approached this shoot like any other.  I found a common area with good architectural structure and complimentary natural light (you can see what this normally looks like on this entry).  But technically, I took a different approach.  Instead of using a long portrait lens, I used a very fast normal lens (the Nikon 50mm f1.4).  Huge difference.  With this lens, you have to stand closer to the subject to fill the frame.  This proximity subtly comes through in the photo – it’s more intimate.  You can see the unusually narrow depth of field did some funky things to the background.  It’s softness brings the execs forward and makes them look sharper.

I think these CPA portraits do a nice job of celebrating the individuals who make up KNS.   They brand the Boston company as forward-thinking, personable, and trustworthy.  All important qualities of a firm that you entrust with your finances.

Resources: further reading on what makes for a great portrait.