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Recent re-branding work

Lately, I’ve been working with Search Fund Accelerator to re-brand their website and collateral.  SFA is a boutique Boston firm that trains and funds young aspiring entrepreneurs in their quest to own a company.

Naturally, most of the “searchers” spend their days in front of a computer.  They’re finding leads, analyzing financial data, and devising potential business plans.

So to portray the searchers in their natural habitat, they’re staring at screens.  I mean, there’s only so many ways to create this picture in a compelling way, right?  Well, that’s the challenge.

I guess the trick is to firstly shoot in a way that feels real.  Secondly, create an image which is as dynamic in its nature as the brainpower that you’re not seeing.

Here are some images of the searchers and their founder from last month’s shoot branding SFA as a company with grey matter and purpose.