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Environmental Portraits: the Face of a Chestnut Hill Company

When I take on a new assignment, it’s never a rote exercise.  I don’t have a one-size-fits-all approach.  Sure, every photographer has a style, but good photographers morph their visual style to support their client’s message.

When Chestnut Hill Realty asked me to help them rebrand their family-owned company for their new website, my homework was simple – figure out what defines this company.  Of course I was interested in the physical areas where we’d be shooting, what people would be wearing, if they wanted grooming on set (they did).

But most importantly, my job was getting to know the people that make up the company, from Ed the founder to Tim the landscaper.  A lot of businesses describe themselves as “a family,” but I particularly felt the cohesiveness of this group.  Their camaraderie defined the company vibe, which shaped these photos.

We shot in two of their locales: their corporate offices and one of the properties they manage.  We sought out areas that would give a sense of well-appointed space and (of course) had great light.  I can’t help going for the great light.

But really it’s the personalities that shine through.  It’s their openness, their approachablity, their professionalism.

These portraits will populate CHR’s rebranded site, which will be coming out in the new year.  Can’t wait to see it.



Addendum: The new Chestnut Hill site is live!  You can see the portraits we did below:

Boston corporate portrait photographer David Shopper