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The Science of Building a Company

I’ve been working with Surface Oncology since its inception in 2016.  I’ve photograph

ed pretty much everyone who works there, either individually or in a candid work setting.  I like to think of clients as friends, and the photographer/subject rapport has become an interesting part of their marketing.

Recruitment and self-worth.

We recently created a banner image for Surface’s recruitment site.  Shot in their Kendall Square building, the banner celebrates the Surface community of scientists.

Surface is a burgeoning company in a competitive marketplace.  To that end, they’re trying hard to recruit talented new people, and producing custom, individual portraits is a great way to show their employees that they’re valued.

Pulling it all together.

All good campaigns are cohesive.  The banner compliments the fresh and friendly feel of the offices.  The headshots are beautiful and understated, using the natural light in their lunch area.  The candid working imagery, too, is accessible and bright.  This look is the defining face of the company.

Women Authentic team portraits for the life science industry: David Shopper Photography. David Shopper Creates compelling natural portraits that brand companies. Photograph of female scientist in Kendall Square, Cambridge, MA for company branding and LinkedIn headshot. David photographs employees of botique companies for their team pages and LinkedIn profile photos. This natural light company portrait was photographed for the team page of Surface Oncology Compelling company portraits in Boston. David Shopper creates compelling team portraits for life science company Surface Oncology As you can see here, business portraits can be informal and approachable like these workers in the workplace of Surface Oncology. Professional businesswomen headshots in Boston, MA