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HarbourVest Annual Report Portrait Shoot

“How long is this picture going to take?” my client asks me.  “The board just flew in from London.  They’re tired.  They have important meetings scheduled all day. They won’t smile for long.”  My tongue-in-cheek answer is “This photo will take 1/60th of a second.”

I’m kidding, of course, but I do understand: jet-lagged billion-dollar portfolio execs don’t want a drawn out shoot.  I strive to make our shoots a quick, enjoyable, non-invasive pause in their busy day.

So it was roundly appreciated by the board of directors of HarbourVest’s Global Private Equity Group that we did our homework.   We scouted the location, had everything figured out and set up in advance, and made the portrait shoot short and sweet.

The story behind the Board of Director

The individual natural light portraits had the same personal and accessible feel: Corporate headshots by David Shopper

“We hired David to shoot an executive board meeting which included individual board portraits, a group shot of the board, and working meeting shots. He is an amazing professional photographer and is so easy to work with but he immediately put the board members at ease which created fantastic portraits. He is also so attentive to every detail from scouting the location of each photo to the lighting and retouching that the entire process was easy and effortless.” 

–Christine McManus, Design Manager, HarbourVest Partners

Boston Photographer David Shopper discusses approach for the shoot with HarbourVest design manager.

David and Christine discuss the shoot.

For a business, building kingdoms (large or small) is hard enough.  You don’t need to sweat the details of a shoot – that’s my job. The setup might be a sophisticated integration of natural and strobe light with a formal yet honestly straight-forward presentation, but the smoothness of the process comes off as if I shot it with my phone.  Corporate portrait photography isn’t easy, but it should look easy.