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I’m pleased to welcome new client Harvard Business School Executive Education

David is helping to brand the Executive Education Program that Harvard offers to global executives.

I’m excited to be collaborating with Harvard Business School.  We’re creating imagery to illustrate the culture of their Executive Education Program.

This is a very cool program.  The students who participate come from all over the world (though I’m not sure that “students” is the right way to describe seasoned CEOs, CFOs, and top execs from some of the world’s most prodigious companies).  Some of the programs are 7 weeks long, with participants living on campus and forming tight-knit groups.  Some are immersed in leadership training and others are doing intensive focused learning in their specialties.

From a visual perspective, these are great people to photograph.  They’re focused, dignified, and wear their curiosity on their sleeves.

How wonderful to pause from the daily work grind and immerse yourself in this community.  I imagine the real-world experience changes your perspective on education.  I spent 7 years teaching evening classes at New England School of Photography, and most of my students had day jobs.  Truly, they were more motivated than the students I taught at Art Institute of Boston, who were taking my class as part of a 4-year curriculum.

Sometimes it helps to step away from the educational process for a little while and then come back to it.  If you’re an exec, you couldn’t pick a better place than Harvard Business School.