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Office Headshots for a Startup Company

Boston startup iVexSol CEO Rod

What do you do when a new company wants team portraits in their brand new offices, but the offices haven’t been built yet?

This was my quandary when iVexSol asked me to help them with their site rebrand.  Based in Worcester, MA, they are expanding and moving to more modern offices in Lexington, MA.

The photo above is a portrait of Rod Rietze.  Rod is the co-founder and CEO of iVexSol, a company that does scientific work well beyond my understanding.  But it has to do with Lentiviral vectors and gene transfer tools.  I think.

The beauty of photography is that you don’t have to understand the intricacies of a company’s product to understand their message.  From my conversations with Rod, it was clear that he wanted photos that would say “great minds are doing rock solid serious work.”

Rod gave me a tour of his beautiful and expansive offices.  When I say beautiful, I mean that I could see that they would be beautiful.  Right now, they were just I-beams, cement floors, and large windows.  Rock solid.

You don’t need a finished office to generate a finished photograph.  We used the construction site just as it was and leaned into its simplicity.  What’s apparent in the photos is the quality and commitment of the person, no matter what stage of development their offices are in.

When iVexSol’s rebranded site goes live, I’ll include the link here.