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    "I am a Boston-based commercial photographer and short film maker. This blog is a companion to my main website. Instead of simply offering up more photos, it is the place for behind-the-lens glimpses into campaigns, reflections on the photography/marketing industry, and a more expanded view of a shoot - not just the best image. Enjoy!"

More of my clients are seeing the wisdom in bucking the system.

For clients in the financial sector, traditional portraits (lit with strobe and set against a canvas background) have been the default setting for decades.  But in a crowded marketplace, a company’s natural light portraits can define their individuality.

More and more I am asked to capture the credibility and professionalism of traditional portraiture using natural light and a soft conference room background. And for some reason, a horizontal format lets personalities come shining through.

It’s more genuine and engaging to present executives in their natural habitat.

These portraits were taken for my longstanding client HarbourVest Global Private Equity Partners.  They were taken at a short break during their Board of Directors meeting.


It takes consistency of vision to create a strong visual rebranding through photographs and video.

I am very excited to be starting a new rebranding project with Tully & Holland, one of the premiere boutique investment banking firms in the area.  We’re creating new portrait, candid, and architectural stills and a 2 minute film for their website.

This is a one of the first photos we’ve taken for their “about us” page.

The short film will not so much try to tell everything about the company as much as give a feel for the values, personality, and culture of the firm.  It’s a chance to present the firm to potential clients and make a lasting impression before the client even walks in the door.

Stay tuned.

Advertising photographer David Shopper shoots natural lifestyle: real people in real environments.

Created with Integer Midwest, this ad series for Pella features testimonials from contractors who have been chosen as the new face of Pella Windows.  These natural lifestyle ads were featured in trade and consumer magazine ads and front page wraps (Sports Illustrated).

And of course it follows that if these windows are distinctive, polished, and clear, so too must be the ad photography.  Choosing black and white for the portrait gives a timelessness and sophistication to the image and helps the branded yellow stand out.

You can see another version of the ad here.

The team page of executive portraits from Bain Capital Ventures.

Shooting more executive portraits at Bain Capital Ventures today.  Joking around with one of the new recruits who turns out to be a former bigwig of a CA tech company.

He texts his buddy, the CEO of Adobe, a shot of me taking his portrait and my recommendation that Adobe get working on a George Clooney Photoshop button.

The result?  Coming soon to Creative Suite: a new button (command-C/Alt-C in Windows) that will simplify the previously laborious process of transforming execs into rakish movie stars.


If a company can be seen as the sum of its parts, what parts are more important than its employees?  All too often, formal head-and-shoulders corporate portraits can make employees look too conservative or regimented.

I have been working with Windham Capital Management for many years to brand their executives in a professional yet accessible and personable way.  Instead of shooting a corporate portrait with a canvas backdrop and strobe lights, we take advantage of the great natural light that floods their John Hancock Building conference room.  No blinding flashes.  No manufactured look.  Just authentic images of staff happy where they are.

My client described working with me this way:

We rehired David to take additional headshots of our newer staff.  At every point he was generous with his time and insight and he was able to turn around the product to us very quickly without any compromise of quality.  David is a pleasure to work with and highly recommended for his eye and talent.  -Sanaz Rafailzadeh, Windham Capital Management