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Why your next product photographer should specialize in photographing people.


I don’t shoot product.

Well, not as a rule.  But who can resist shooting EMC’s worldwide releases for their kick-ass VMAX and XtremIO data storage systems?

They’re as big as a refrigerator and sport a mixture of highly-reflective surfaces, matte perforated metal, and inner LED glows — a veritable photographic Disneyland.

These days, I’m usually photographing people, but many clients know that in a former life I used to be one of Boston’s top product photographers.  I enjoy spending days in a dark room moving a light head around by fractions of an inch until it’s just right.  And balancing that strobe light with the colored light emanating from a product.  And gracefully handling highly reflective surfaces.  Because you don’t light a product like an EMC rack system, you create an environment that its reflective surfaces can “see” and come alive around.  Whereas shooting portraits celebrates the emotions and uniqueness of the moment, still life work explores the technical perfection of a subject.

A technical challenge for sure: probably the hardest thing you can think of to shoot. Except for maybe the human face.

“David is a superlative photographer.  Beautiful product photography with wonderful lighting, interesting angles full of depth and nuance.”  –Denise LeBlanc, Principle Graphic Designer, Brand and Creative, EMC Corporation.