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How to photograph a startup business so it becomes a big business.

Just because your company is a startup doesn’t mean you have to look like a beginner.

I recently worked with the very young company (established only months ago, plus full of very recent graduates): Search Fund Accelerator, to help visually portray their company.

SFA selects a handful of young entrepreneurs who are dedicated to acquiring and running a business.  They provide experience, guidance, and support systems to help these entrepreneurs get traction in the real world.

Our photo shoot documented what was literally one of their first meetings as a group.  It was fascinating to see these very polished and focused kids trying to jump over the same hurdles I or anyone else in business has to jump over.  How do you identify potential partners, learn what makes them tick, cold call them, and become integral to their business plan?

The energy of the group was palpable, and the images we took help portray them not as wannabes, but as players in future markets.

You can read about SFA and see two of the portraits here.