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Inside the wacky world of Dr. Bob Shillman’s annual report photography.

Talk about a singular client…

I’ve been shooting the Cognex Corporation’s annual reports for over a dozen years now.  They’re campy affairs, pushing the boundaries of the genre and consistently garnering awards for their creativity and production.  They feature founder Dr. Bob Shillman, who we’ve shot in a Martha Stewart wig (in the “Martha Stewart Living Magazine” parody), in a fright wig (as Doc Brown in the “Back to the Future” parody), and now with bald pate in this year’s annual: the “Scanning for Love” dating-website parody.

Not your normal approach to corporate reports, but Dr. Bob isn’t your normal CEO.  His sense of humor is overshadowed only by his business acumen.  Naturally, the annuals display both.

To see the new report and more behind the scenes pictures from our photo-shoot at the Cognex headquarters, click here.

I know that running a $8B company is serious business, but once a year it’s really fun.