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Professional Headshots for a New Corpororate Culture.

I was recently asked to create professional employee headshots of all the people at DataRobot‘s Boston office.  For those of you who aren’t familiar with DataRobot, the company harnesses machine learning to help customers build predictive models.  This may or may not mean anything to you (I had to look it up).  The important takeaway is that there are a lot of smart and enthusiastic people bouncing around their offices.

Millennials appear to make up the majority of their employees, with a smattering of GenX’s and some boomers.  With an open-plan workspace and casual atmosphere, the office has a comfortable social aspect that inspires innovation.  Meals are catered so everyone eats together.  Their t-shirts sport the company mascot, which is a simple illustrated robot on a new employee’s shirt.  But if that employee sticks around for a while, their shirt-bot gets an upgrade: a ray gun or jet pack.

As with so many of the new breed of high-tech companies, their culture is their product.  The employees and their collective brain power is what makes DataRobot a force.  Often, headshots like these illustrate a culture and help sell the company to potential recruits.

So how do you make headshots like this happen?  You skip the ties, stuffy studio lighting, and dappled backdrops.  You simplify the production.  You let personalities and great attitudes take center stage.  You maintain the highest standards of quality and the lowest confines of formality.

Here a few headshots from our shoot.


“We have an incredibly unique culture here, and David and his team did a fantastic job of capturing the spirit of our employees with the headshot shoot. It was wonderful to work with David and everyone is so happy with how their images turned out (no easy feat!).” – Alex Chang, DataRobot Corporate Events Manager